In 2018 Number Inc. began a youth art writing pilot program with Mt. Pleasant Elementary (100 students?), Middle (20 students?) and High School(10 students?) for Visual and Performing arts. Through the Young Art Writers Project (Y.A.W.P.) Number Inc. hopes to advocate for, encourage and provide resources for youth in the south to write about art in their community. We believe that the process of writing about art in their own community will give students an opportunity to think deeply about how the arts are an important part of their lives regardless of what zip code they live in. In this pilot program elementary students wrote about a community art project connected to Native American history in Mt. Pleasant, TN, a middle school student wrote about her family rebounding after Hurricane Katrina and her father’s reconnecting with his studio practice. Middle and high school students also exchanged artwork and wrote critiques of those artworks. All students were given access to copies of Number Inc. and used the interviews, show reviews and feature articles as jumping off points for writing about art in their community. Read the students work in our October 2018 Blog. If you are interested in a classroom set of Number Inc. Magazines and resources to implement an art writing program in your classroom email Mike Mitchell at michael.mitchell@numberinc.org

In addition to the Young Art Writers Project, this website aims to advocate for art educators kindergarten through college in the south through interviews and our podcast. We think they are kind of heroic. Send us an email if there is an art ed hero in your community you’d like for us to consider featuring.