Interview with Art-Ed Hero Brandon J. Donahue

Where do you teach and what grades do you teach? I currently teach at Tennessee State University

How long have you been teaching art?  I have been teaching at the university level for 8 years. Before that, I taught private and public airbrush workshops.

What is your favorite lesson or concept to teach? No favorite. I think all of my concepts and lessons link back to problem-solving whether it’s drawing, painting, or basic design principles. Lately, I’ve been really excited about teaching and assisting in mural painting.

What is saving your life in the classroom right now? Students who are self-motivated and push themselves beyond the lessons that I teach are life-saving. They inspire me to work harder in my own studio work.

Who is your favorite artist to teach kids about? Top 5; Jacob Lawrence, David Hammons, Yayoi Kusama, Jannis Kounellis, and Joseph Khalil

What does your studio practice outside of the classroom look like and how does it make its way into your classroom? My practice outside of the classroom is made up of collecting materials that I transform into other things. Either through reconstructing or painting. I airbrush, paint murals, well as sculpt from time to time.

Do you let people borrow your glue guns(or art supplies)? Yes. I have a bin of coloring pencils, crayons, markers, and construction paper that I have available for people to use. I do keep some supplies strictly for myself.

How often do you collaborate across disciplines and what is a collaboration you are excited about right now? Very Often. I’m excited to be working with the University of Tennessee on a student exchange program.

What would you tell a 19-year-old who is thinking about becoming an artist or art educator? Do it only if your heart is into it. Do not do it with money as the main goal!

Who was your art-ed hero growing up? Tanya Armstrong, Mr. Greenwell, Tony “Fuma” Tunstall, and Tim Hammond Sr.

Find out more about professor Donahue’s at


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